Our Technology

In many medical settings, devices are commonly used to help doctors treat patients. For example, stents are often used to open blocked arteries, repair torn vessels, and even to keep nasal passages from swelling shut after surgery. Unfortunately these devices fail often resulting in additional surgeries and often replacements of the original device.

Endomimetics has developed a BioNanomatrix that can be used to coat these devices and mimic human tissue which minimizes the need for additional surgeries, improves the longevity of the device, reduces complications associated with having foreign items implanted in your body.

Our endothelium mimicking nitric oxide releasing BioNanomatrix, initially developed for coronary and peripheral stents, is being assessed for several novel applications including:

  • Stents to help with heart disease
  • Stents and blood flow diverters to help with brain aneurysms
  • Fistula implantation for dialysis patients
  • Intranasal implants for chronic sinusitis sufferers
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