Bionanomatrix stent application

Endomimetics’ Bionanomatrix Provides The Following Key Attributes:

  • A reservoir for sustained release of nitric oxide promotes normal healthy vasodilation and inhibits inflammation.
  • An endothelial cell adhesive molecule, which promotes retention of endothelial cells.
  • Self-assembling amino acid chains that are free of solvents typically used in device coatings, which may cause inflammation or be toxic.

Advantages Of The Endomimetics Bionanomatrix Coating:

  • Inhibits blood clot formation
  • Inhibits re-narrowing within a stent or implant
  • Encourages healing of the normal arterial lining
  • Lacks residual polymer or solvent
  • Comprised of completely natural, peptide-based nanofibers


Below is a list of the technical literature on the various applications for the BioNanomatrix (click on the reference to download the PDF)

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